About Me

Howdy, I’m the Levergunner!

My real name is John, but my passion for Leverguns has given me that nickname.


I’ve been an avid firearms enthusiast since I was a kid with a BB gun.  As I traded and tried new things through my twenties, I centered on leverguns and sixguns.  They have a feel like no other type of firearms.

A well loved lever action rifle, with bluing loss on the receiver from being carried afield many seasons, is a thing of beauty.  From a Winchester 94 to a Marlin 39A, and everything in between, I love the look and feel of a good levergun.  If I hunt with a rifle, its most usually a levergun.

Almost nothing is as personal as a trusted and well loved sixgun, with its holster wear and smooth grips, it’s as constant a companion as a man’s pocket knife.  I love spending an afternoon plinking with my Ruger Single Six as much as I love casting and reloading for my favorite centerfire.  I am particularly fond of my Ruger single actions.

The gun I’m pictured with is a Winchester 94 in 30-30.  While not seen in the picture, I am carrying a Ruger Blackhawk chambered in 44 Special.  Carrying a single action in today’s world is certainly a departure from the usual run and gun style most people practice, but it suits me down to a T.


My wife, Christina, is the most wonderful and supportive woman I could have ever asked for.  The love of my life, and the mother of our wonderful son.  We spend our days supporting each others interests, and she has heard so much about guns, reloading, and cast bullets in the years we’ve been married, that she’s plum near sick of it.  My son is following in my footsteps, having an interest in guns, knives, and the outdoors.


We are both followers of our Lord Jesus Christ.  We are blessed with a church home where we are able to fellowship and worship, and a faith that allows us to see life from a perspective that all things belong to Him.  All of the things we have are a result of his blessing, with His Grace being the greatest gift of all.

John Miron II